Advanced Dental Technology

Dentistry is an industry that is always evolving & growing to find better ways to care for your oral health.

Just as advancements in technology have revolutionized how we live & communicate, it has also had an impact on the world of dental care. Computer technology is now a part of how we diagnose & treat dental health issues.

Advanced Dental Technology at Our Office:

Most x-rays are digital now, which means getting a clear picture of what’s going on below the surface is more comfortable & convenient for both patients & the dentist. 3-D scanning & computer models have allowed us to get a more accurate picture of patients’ oral health, & allow for restorative treatments that are more customized & accurate than ever before. Laser technology has become part of both the screening & treatment process, allowing for early detection of problems & more painless procedures with faster recovery times. Even 3-D printing & milling has become part of many dental practices, whether in standalone machines or at leading-edge dental laboratories. Advancements in materials science mean that tooth repairs & replacements (such as fillings & crowns) are more durable, long-lasting & esthetic, meaning the results are barely detectable!

At Family Dental, we stay at the leading-edge of advancements in dentistry, incorporating any technology into our practice that will have a positive impact on your quality of care & your dental experience.

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