Pediatric Dentistry

At Family Dental, we are fortunate to have a pediatric dentist on staff to serve the needs of our youngest patients. We are dedicated to being the “dental home” of patients of all ages. We know that giving children a strong foundation of regular & comfortable dental care can set them on a course for happy & healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Both pediatric dentists & general dentists are qualified to treat children, in addition to their adult patients. The difference between these two types of dentists is that after completing their dental degrees, pediatric dentists complete two more years of training specializing on dental care that is unique to children.

As children grow & develop, their dental needs & challenges change. Pediatric dentists are trained to focus on this growth & change in young patients. They can help patients & their parents understand what is coming in terms of developmental timelines & stay on track for a healthy adult smile. For example, the dentist can keep track of whether baby teeth are lost & new teeth come in a timely manner, & make recommendations on when a child should have their first orthodontic consultation.

Pediatric dentists can also be a vital part of oral hygiene education, both for the children themselves & their parents or guardians. From caring to an infant’s teeth & gums, to teaching toddlers to brush on their own, pediatric dentists can offer tips & guidelines.

Because pediatric dentists work exclusively with children, they are very familiar with the concerns & fears young patients may have when visiting the dentist, especially when they are very young & still learning what the dentist is all about. Our pediatric dentist is gentle & understanding & will do everything possible to make sure every patient, from toddlers to teens, feels comfortable & respected.