Orthodontist (Braces)

Having straight teeth is important for both health & appearance. Not only does Family Dental offer traditional metal braces, but we also offer newer & subtler varieties. One option is clear braces, which straighten teeth without calling attention to the fact that your child has braces. The aesthetic aspect is important, especially to teens, because having a smile you love can affect your happiness & self-esteem. To learn more about our orthodontic options, please contact Family Dental today!

An orthodontist is a fully trained dentist who has completed an additional 2 to 3 years of training in the specialty of orthodontics. So while all orthodontists are dentists, not all dentists are orthodontists.

An orthodontist treats your smile by changing the position of teeth in your mouth, using braces or other orthodontic technologies. Orthodontics can be used to treat problems with how the teeth of your upper & lower jaws line up, known as a bad bite. Called malocclusion by dental professionals, examples of bad bites are underbites, overbites, & crossbites. An orthodontist can also straighten teeth & fix spacing problems (such as gaps or crowding).

An orthodontist can give you the beautiful & straight smile you desire, but they can also benefit your oral health. Orthodontics can help prevent jaw problems that can arise from a misaligned bite & teeth that are properly spaced & aligned are easier to keep clean. So while you’ll certainly have a more beautiful smile at the end of your orthodontic treatment, you’ll also have a more functional, healthier smile!

Here at Family Dental in Foster City we are proud to have an orthodontist on staff. That means if you or your child is in need of braces or other orthodontic treatment, we don’t have to refer you out to a separate dental office.